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We see positive results from our breeding and selection program as we strive to
introduce improved seed. As you can see in our catalog list we are in our 4th, 5th and
6th generation of selections of certain varieties in our seed orchards.
Seed listed is grown or collected in Missouri (Zones 4 & 5) where temperatures have
reached lows of -24 F. and highs of 115 F. We feel this central location is good from a
provenance stand-point and seed from this area should be more suitable for production
throughout the country.
We see seedling production becoming increasingly more sophisticated by direct seeding
in individual cells and precise placing in field production systems using new seeding
equipment. Top quality seed is required for this production. To offer a better quality
product we have invested heavily in new state of the art processing and cleaning
equipment. We have added an aspirator, a gravity separator and a new eclipse separator
plus additional cold storage and a new improved computer system. We have expanded
into a new processing facility. Seed is tested by our staff workers who have been
certified by the National Tree Seed Lab.
We are celebrating our 39th year in business and our goal is to continue to supply you with the best seed available. We appreciate your
business and look forward to helping you.
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